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Lessons for all skill levels and all ages!
Learn how to read music, how to play chords, how to learn songs off the radio or even how to play your favorite video game songs!
It’s up to you what we focus on!









Interested in getting a new keyboard but not sure where to start? Maybe you are considering taking lessons and need something to practice on, but you don’t want to break the bank quite yet?

We got you covered!

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We structure our lessons around what YOU want to learn!


If you want to play classical masterpieces, then we will focus on that. If you want to learn how to play songs off the radio, we will focus on that.

How about playing songs from your favorite video games?

Your lessons will involve a combination of working on fundamentals, learning music theory, and learning how to play the music you love. We always want to make sure that your lessons are fun and geared toward accomplishing your musical goals!


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Best Piano Teachers in St. Louis

Chris is an excellent teacher to our daughter, who has dyslexia. He is patient and relaxed and she actually enjoys going to piano lessons! She doesn’t enjoy most things that are challenging, so that’s a huge accomplishment.
— Katie (Student Mom)
As a 59 y/o beginner, I’m enjoying the opportunity to learn how to read music and play the piano for the first time. I can count on the STL Piano teachers to be on time for our appt and ready for the day’s lesson. I appreciate the patience and the ability to help me progress with each session. The central location, reasonable price, easy-going personalities and teaching ability are helping me achieve my goals. I highly recommend STL Piano Lessons to anyone of any age who wants to learn to play the piano.
— Guy (Student)
Chris is an amazing teacher! He has helped me understand and connect the dots quicker than any other piano teacher has. He will teach you to your preferences as to how and what you want to learn. He is patient, caring, kind, and thorough. He truly wants the student to understand the music but to have fun while doing it. He has a great sense of humor and makes the student feel comfortable. Oh and there is no use of rulers to slap fingers who make mistakes!!
— Rhonda (Student)
Chris is a world class piano player and one of the easiest going instructors anyone could hope to find. He is genuinely interested in his students success and is very patient and kind.
Chris loves music and his energy can be contagious.
Ultra positive and knowledgeable instructor.
This is not a typical strict judgmental curt instructor. Chris is kind and warm and wants others to succeed.
And…. did I mention he is a world class piano player?
— Jason (Musician)
Chris is a very patient and caring person who not only continually works on his own skills and attitudes, but also encourages and rewards those qualities in others – both students and friends alike. His sense of humor, ability to motivate others, and his wide knowledge of music – everything from jazz standards to classic rock to hip hop – make him an excellent teacher for virtually any piano student.
— Bill (Teacher)
Chris is awesome! He tailored my lessons to help me cover the skills that I most needed/wanted to work on while continuing to cover the basic materials he takes all his students through. He’s professional, easy-going, flexible, and is a super talented player. Highly recommended for students of any playing level, or any age!
— Russ (Student)

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