a.     4 Lesson Months
i. $150 – 30 minutes
ii. $225 – 60 minutes

b.     5 Lesson Months
i.     $190 – 30 minutes
ii.     $285 – 60 minutes

c.      One Off Lessons (*only available for special situations)
i.     $40 – 30 minutes
ii.     $60 – 60 minutes                                    


a.     Tuition is due on the first of every month for all lessons for the upcoming month.  You will receive your bill via email on the first of every month with the amount due for that month depending on whether there are 4 lessons or 5 lessons that month.  Please make all payments through the Online Portal no later than 24 hours before your next lesson.  You can make your payment at https://teacherzone.com/payment.  If you would like to pay via check, Venmo or PayPal, please contact Chris to set this up at chris@stlpianolessons.com

b.     Here is what is included with your tuition:

i. 4 one-on-one private lessons with a rockstar teacher (5 in months that have 5 lesson days)
ii.     Free participation in all student recitals
iii.     Free access to our new Online Portal where you will have your own personalized account
iv.     Easy payment and scheduling options through the online portal
v.     We also have an App (iPhone, iPads, Androids, Tablets) so you can check in on your account on the go
vi.     We video every lesson and send it to our students the next day.  This way you can see and review what you learned in your lesson.  This also adds another layer of security for parents as you can see exactly what is going on in each lesson
vii.     If you need to cancel a lesson, your teacher will send you a quick video lesson with new assignments for the week
viii.     Free access to all of our online videos on technique, fundamentals, music theory, and how to play songs
ix.     Free access to hundreds of bonus online lessons from other teachers around the world
x.     Free access to direct online chat with your teacher so you can ask questions whenever you have them
xi.     Parents get their own accounts so you can check on your child's progress

c.      All payments need to be made to STL Piano Lessons.  Please never attempt to pay your teacher directly.


a.     All communication with teachers should be done through the Online Portal chat function.  This is to protect all parties involved and will allow us to have a record of all communications.

b.     All of our students are expected to show up for all scheduled lessons.  If you cannot make a lesson, then please just notify your teacher through the Online Portal chat function before your lesson time so they know you will not be attending.

c.      If any student does not show up for a lesson and does not notify the teacher before lesson time, the student will be marked as “No Show” and charged for the lesson.  We will also send a notification to the student and parent/guardian (where applicable) to make sure all parties are aware that student did not show.

d.     We do not offer makeup lessons for student cancellations.  This is out of respect for our teachers’ time and expertise.  In order to get the best teachers, it is imperative that we value their time.  Your teacher may, however, give you a new assignment to work on for the week through the Online Portal if they so see fit.

e.     If your teacher cancels a lesson (this includes holidays), you will not have to pay for that lesson.  The lesson will be “Banked” in our system.  Please send an email with some possible make up times to chris@stlpianolessons.com.  I will then coordinate with you and your teacher to schedule a makeup lesson.  Please don’t wait too long because these banked lessons expire in 60 days.

f.      If you need to permanently change your lesson day and/or time, just send me an email and I will coordinate with you and your teacher to find another time that will work. If a new day and/or time that works for both parties cannot be found, then we can discuss placing you with a different teacher.

g.     Each student is allowed a one-time vacation allowance every calendar year to miss no more than 2 lessons without being charged.  Therefore, if you know ahead of time that you will be missing 1-2 lessons in the future (i.e. going on summer vacation for 2 weeks), you will not be charged for those lessons.  If, however, you have already used your 2 lesson vacation allowance previously in that same calendar year, then you will be required to pay for all missed lessons.  This vacation allowance cannot be split up and used at different times throughout the year.  It can only be used ONCE per calendar year, whether you miss one or two lessons.


a.     If you ever have any questions or concerns about payment, scheduling, or attendance, please don’t hesitate to contact Chris at 314-616-0760 or chris@stlpianolessons.com

b.     Either party can terminate this lesson agreement at any time.  If student cancels before using all prepaid lessons, they will forfeit the amount already prepaid.